Robert McLellan

Who is your mob and where were you raised

Robert was born in Bundaberg QLD and was raised in that area. He was born a Traditional Owner to the Bundaberg area from the Taribelang language group and identifies as a Bunda descendant.

What is your role within the committee

Robert became an official NAIDOC Committee member in 2017 when he took on a production manager role for the stage show, ‘No Buus on the Bus’.

What made you want to get involved in NAIDOC events?

“We hold something special. Every day I am Aboriginal and my generation has the opportunity to respectfully represent our culture and keep it alive for generations to come as we are the current custodians of modern Aboriginal culture today. NAIDOC week draws out many political protects and stands, though I support NAIDOC week because it is one of our few chances to engage our wider community and crossing cultures into how truly amazing and resilient our culture its.”

How long have you been a member of the NAIDOC committee

Robert officially became a committee member in 2017 though he has supported NAIDOC events for about eight years.

What does NAIDOC mean to you

“Education | Kinship | Sharing | Respect | Celebration”

Which events are you most looking forward to

‘No Buus on the Bus’ will be amazing, do not miss this show. I also love going to the NAIDOC Ball, it is a brilliant way to finish off the week and acknowledge those who have done incredible things within our community over the last year.”